Dark Waters

Dark Waters is a fascinating law thriller starring Mark Ruffalo, a corporate lawyer who takes on Dupont in this true story. Mark gives a great performance, seamlessly transitioning from a wallflower new law firm partner to a passionate attorney fighting for what he believes in. His character Rob Bilott (an Ohio attorney still practicing today) flutters between bravery and meekness. He is an underdog, fighting a tough battle between an industry giant and risking both his career and family.

This movie will make you check your cabinets and your dishes for harmful chemicals. This movie will inspire you to fight for the little guys. This movie will make you angry: at our nation’s corporations, at our economy, at our government.

With a runtime of 126 minutes, this movie falls victim to the growing epidemic of the “too long” movie. (Vince Mancini wrote a great op-ed a couple years ago on this you can find here: https://uproxx.com/movies/movie-are-too-long/). However, while the movie does seem to drag at times, this is a very fitting representation of the wait that the 70,000 people in Bilott’s hometown had to suffer through to get answers from Dupont.

Dark Waters also includes cameos from several key players from the real-life story, including Rob Bilott himself, which was a nice surprise revealed before the credits. Overall, this movie is a great watch for a rainy afternoon that will really leave you thinking.

If you want to learn more about the story behind the movie, here are some resources:




If, like me, you are now wary of nonstick coating, here are some examples of new (safer) cookware:



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