Messiah, now on Netflix

Messiah is a new 10-part series on Netflix with some serious Jack-Ryan-esque vibes. Rather than John Krasinski, however, viewers will find Michele Monaghan as the CIA operative protagonist. She works with several other government organizations to work to solve the mystery surrounding the titular character who first garners attention out in the Middle East.  A stranger appears out of nowhere, preaching for 30 hours straight during a sandstorm in Syria.

The central question is this: is this new man who is drawing thousands of followers all around the world really the returned Messiah, or a new kind of terrorist determined to start some sort of holy war?

This man, dubbed “al-Masih” by his followers in episode one, journeys through Syria, Israel, Texas, and Washington DC, gaining the attention of both media and governments across the globe. Thousands of people see his actions and deem him a miracle– some think Jesus, others Mohammed or even a new prophet. However, Monaghan and her team are quick to find logical explanations for all of al-Masih’s behavior.

This show is a fascinating take on what it would be like if God’s Chosen did indeed return. Would he find follows via social media? Would society today be so skeptical that they would doubt his miracles? Would governments give him– an undocumented immigrant– asylum?

This show has some stellar performances from the cast; al-Masih is played by Mehdi Dehbi, a Belgium-born actor who has been in movies like 2013’s Mary Queen of Scots and 2016’s London Has Fallen. Throughout the show, he has such a peaceful aura around him, you almost believe he was born to play the role.

The show is clearly set up for a second season. It leaves the audience hanging in its final seconds, allowing each viewer to decide whether or not al-Masih is the returned Messiah. However, almost more exciting than that, much of the show was filmed in Nashville; BNA carpet gets a nice cameo in episode nine! A thrilling watch that is sure to cause some controversy as more people discover it (the country Jordan has already called for a ban of it), it is easily devourable in a weekend.

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