I went into this movie with zero expectations. I knew it was a thriller, I knew it was about some workers in a station on the ocean floor, and I knew it was Kristen Stewart, but that was about it. . . . An odd combination. When we arrived at the theater, we were the youngest members of the audience by at least 30 years, which added to the confusion.

The movie was not horrible. It had a quick beginning and included lots of jump scares as the members of the oil rig crew tried to figure out how to survive once their station began collapsing, seven miles down into the ocean. It lasted only 96 minutes and nearly all of the time was spent in survival mode, so it did not give you a chance to get bored. The story was moderately interesting; you find out about 20 minutes into the movie what is causing the destruction of the rig. My fiancé and I enjoyed guessing what was to blame beforehand– I was closer to being right than he was.

For those of you who hate Kristen Stewart (and I know there are many of you), this is one of her more digestible roles. For the most part, she is too busy being a badass for you to focus on her lack of acting abilities. However in the last 20 minutes of the movie, there are a couple of cringey moments as she tries to feign some emotion towards one of her coworkers. The awkwardness of the encounter is soon lost in another jump scare. The ending is very predictable, but it’s not like I was expecting anything profound.

This movie was overwhelmingly average. If you enjoyed the tension of 47 Meters Down, you will likely enjoy this movie as well, however save your money. Wait a couple months until it’s on Netflix.

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