Meet Me in St. Louis

If you’re looking for a nice weekend getaway from Nashville, St. Louis is a great place to go!  If you’re looking for more mainstream touristy options, the Arch, any sporting event, the Budweiser factory, or one of the countless (free!) museums are great options– even the zoo is free!  But, if you’re looking to get more of a glimpse into local life, you’ve got some great options as well.


          St. Louis has some fabulous culinary offerings, both vegan and traditional.  Here’s a few options, nearby other exciting things to do.


          Fuzzy’s is a fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurant, in between Chipotle style food and typical Mexican restaurant food.  They’ve got burrito bowls, tacos, burritos, and more.  Their guacamole is great, and they’ve got a special seasoning on their tortilla chips. All this food leaves you with lots of options; you’ve also got at least three dozen delicious drink options to choose from, too.  You can add any beer or even a test tube serving of hard liquor to any frozen drink, for around $10.

Seedz Café

          This café is a vegan paradise!  They’ve got a delicious vegan brunch, including “eggs” benedict, breakfast sandwiches, and French toast. Rather than any French fries as sides, they serve spring mix salad with one of the best dressings I’ve ever had.  They even have a small bakery case, with some pretty phenomenal donuts, as you can see. They change their menu for dinner and offer even more amazing dishes.  They’re also great in regards to sustainability—all glass cups, compostable to go boxes, and more.  If you’re interested in sampling some vegan fare, grab a sprinkle donut and see how amazing it can be!


          This is one of my favorite places in STL!  I go at least once every time I’m in town, sometimes more than once.  Clementine’s is known for “Naughty and Nice” ice cream, and has close to 40 flavors at any given time.  The “Naughty” flavors are alcoholic, and you’ve got to be 21+ to order them.  Flavors include Chocolate Cabernet, Pink Champagne Sorbet, and at least three other alcoholic ones.  Nice flavors are all ages, and can include flavors like S’mores, Cereal Milk, and Poppyseed.  They’ve even got vegan flavors made out of coconut milk!


Westport Social

          Super cool bar with all kinds of entertainment!  Show up early and catch a meal, or play basketball, foosball, shuffleboard, ping pong, and more!  Similar to Clyde’s in Nashville in regards to the set up, it’s definitely a happening place on a Saturday night.  If you wanna save a little money, go get a giant frozen margarita next door at Fuzzy’s before you head to the bar.

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

          A bar entirely dedicated to chocolate!  This is a drink and dessert bar where everything includes chocolate.  Beautiful décor with a simple menu, great for a date night or a girls’ night out.


Union Station

          A newly-renovated structure downtown, Union Station is home to many different activities to keep you busy for hours.  And it’s so new, many locals are still checking it out!  There’s a giant Ferris wheel that gives a great view of the city; it even has a drink stand outside with Budweiser and hot chocolate (boozy or not!). At $15 a ticket, it is definitely worth the price if you go at night to see all the lights.

          Union Station is also home to the new St. Louis Aquarium.  Opened less than a year, the building itself is beautiful. However, the aquarium leaves something to be desired.  Since STL is located right on the Mississippi River, many of the animals throughout the aquarium are river animals, so it’s not as exciting as other aquariums that have a majority saltwater animals.  I assume as the years go by they will add more animals, but right now there are very few things to look at; you can get through the whole aquarium in about 30 minutes, if you don’t intentionally take your time at each exhibit.  One cool thing on display though is a blue crab, donated by a Boston seafood restaurant after the Blues beat the Bruins for the Stanley Cup.  Unless you just love river fish, or you have children, the aquarium just isn’t worth the price tag. I’ll save you some money; here’s the one shark tank they have on exhibit:

          While at Union Station, stick around for the fire show!  Similar to other place’s dancing fountains, the water feature here does a fire show, with bursts of flames rising out of the water synchronized to music.  It’s very cool, and free!  There are also several restaurants, a carousel, and mini golf here too.

Downtown St. Charles

          Take a step back in time as you walk along the stone streets looking at historical houses.  You can easily spend 3-5 hours walking along this street, popping into restaurants, stores, and boutiques.  You can find just about everything on this street, from gourmet food, to homegood stores, to cookie and ice cream shops to antiques and cutesy clothing boutiques.  All the homes are over 200 years old, but if you get tired of admiring them you can walk across the street and walk along the river’s edge. “

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