I’m not sure you can find this movie in theaters anymore, but that’s okay.  You aren’t missing anything.  With Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as lead characters, I (at first) thought it was very strange that this movie did not get much press.  Quirky preview, (pretty) big names, why aren’t they advertising this as a new winter hit comedy?

               Well, after seeing it I definitely understand why.

               I can see why production companies created it in the first place; the gist of the movie seemed like it’d be good.  A 90-minute film featuring two 21st century comedy greats, with a quirky plot line, what could go wrong?  After the movie was created, I think they realized the answer to their question, which led to its pretty hushed release.

               In case you haven’t seen the preview (and if you haven’t, don’t bother), this movie is about a family on a skiing trip who goes through an avalanche; the husband grabs his phone and runs, while the wife is left huddled with the two kids, hoping to survive.  The rest of the movie is him dealing with the aftermath of his decision.

               This movie is NOT a comedy, despite its cast.  It is an awkward, uncomfortable family drama, with some (bad) comedic characters added in to (attempt) to break up the dramatic parts.  In reality, this is a 89 minute fight between a married couple on vacation, with a 1 minute semi-resolution at the end of the film. 

               After watching the movie, I thought that Will Ferrell was trying to pull an Adam Sandler and do a complete 180 with a drama film.  Unfortunately, he was unable to pull it off.  He and Julia had some very realistic fights, but it was a very unsettling movie to watch.  Giving you an inside glimpse at someone’s struggling marriage, it will make you feel like you shouldn’t be there watching it. 

The seasoned cast nor the comedy from the minor characters were not enough to save this movie, or even enough to make it watchable.  It definitely deserves its 13% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t bother.

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