This preview just did not really speak to me, but I couldn’t figure out why…. I’m not a huge fan of mythological adventure, the characters aren’t as cute as Pixar’s normal characters, maybe something else, I wasn’t too sure.  But when I got the chance to attend an advance screening of the film, I took it and I’m so glad I went.

This movie has a phenomenal story.  You NEED to see it, whether you have kids or not.

              The plot line is pretty simple:  Two boys who lost their father to cancer long ago try to bring him back, but they mess up the magic spell and only end up bringing his bottom half back.  So they have to trek around their city to try and get one last piece to perform the magic spell again to bring the rest of him back. The first half of the movie was cute as they were adventuring around, but the back half of the movie delved deeper into the characters’ emotions, which is what really made me a fan of the film.   But the plot line isn’t even the greatest part of the movie.

               The setting of the movie is brilliant—lots of punny similarities between the magic world and our world. Feral unicorns eating the trash instead of raccoons.  A mom in the living room doing a workout tape, while their pet dragon sleeps in its bed by the door.  There were many audible chuckles from the adults in the room as it panned to a new scene and the next pun was revealed. 

               The relationships and emotions built in the story were the best part.  This movie deals with grief, loss of a parent, and brotherly love.  My fiancé has since dubbed it “Frozen, but with Boys,” (with less singing, I might add…). Since the father died while the boys were at such a young age (the younger brother doesn’t even remember him at all), the boys had to rely on each other a whole lot more and an unbreakable bond is formed.  While I know all Pixar movies tug at your heartstrings, this one is just so fiercely emotional in nature, even some of the children in the audience were weeping with empathy towards the characters.

               You’ll leave this movie (probably) crying, but with so much love toward your own family, as well as for Pixar, for telling such a beautiful story.  

               Sidenote:  I don’t go see movies often with such a huge kid audience, and the amount of times children have to get up during a movie was so distracting (personal problem, I know).  But if you don’t like people getting up during the movie, you may want to wait a week or two before the crowds die down to go see it. 

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