The Lodge

If you are a horror fan, you NEED to catch “The Lodge” while it’s still in theaters. It’s still on at Regal Opry and Regal Green Hills for the remainder of the week if you’re in Nashville.

“The Lodge” is the same raw, haunting style that you see in “Hereditary” and “Midsommar,” and I’d rank it in between the two. If you’ve seen “Goodnight, Mommy,” you will likely recognize that this movie is the same style; the same director worked on both. If you haven’t seen “Goodnight, Mommy,” look it up now you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, back to “The Lodge”. . . The story deals with a recently separated family trying to deal with their new home life. The father finds a new girlfriend a little too fast for the liking of the children, but he tries to force a bond between them all anyway. For Christmas, he brings the children and his girlfriend to his lodge in the middle of nowhere to celebrate all together. However, he gets called back into work and leaves the children in the care of his girlfriend.

The father is a professor dealing with the history and effects of cults. His son and daughter quickly figure out that the new girlfriend actually has a past in a cult. As the viewer, you are trying to figure out exactly what’s happening: Is it a haunted house? Is it a crazy cult ritual? Is it a simple accident that has left them dead?

This movie is full of terror tension, as well as a few jump scares. There is one jump scare in the first ten minutes that I still think about from time to time, two weeks later. It definitely has a shock factor. The movie ends while the terror tension is at a high, and you breathe a sigh of relief as you see credits roll as it spares you one final shot of violence. It will haunt you anyway, though, as one of the main characters sings a song in the final minutes of the movie, which will definitely get stuck in your head.

If you do get a chance to catch it in theaters, then bring a blanket or a coat; all the snow in the background will make you cold, and *BONUS* you can hide your eyes if you need to. If you don’t get a chance to see it in theaters, watch for a streaming release, because this is one film you do not want to miss!

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