Brahms: The Boy 2

               When I first saw the preview for this movie, I was both surprised and confused.  The original, The Boy, was one of my favorite horror films of 2016, in part because of how nicely it ended and how it did not leave much room for a sequel.  I also enjoyed it because (spoiler alert):  the doll was not actually haunted.  (If you haven’t seen the original by now, sorry about it…).

               So when I first saw this preview, in which the doll is very much haunted, it left me curious:  how can they seemingly change the plotline? 

               Before I get into the actual movie, kudos to the casting director for landing Katie Holmes in a sequel:  she was fabulous.  The actual story, however. . . left something to be desired.

               Apparently, the doll has been haunted the entire time, by some demonic energy that takes control of whichever child is in possession of the doll.  This go-around, the doll is in possession of Katie Holmes’ son, Jude.  He quickly turns from a sweet boy to a crazed one, torn between consenting to what the doll wants and trying to protect his family. 

               I’m all for a cheesy horror movie; this one even has some decent jump scares towards the beginning, but as it progresses it just gets worse and worse.  The climax at the end actually made me chuckle—it was that absurd and poorly written.  The production company is seemingly trying to take advantage of the success of the Annabelle franchise by creating a boy doll version, but they don’t seem to care to spend the necessary money on a quality writing staff.

               If you’ve seen the first movie and want to see how the story progresses, then go for it.  But please don’t waste your money in theaters, wait til it’s streaming for free in a few months.  If this movie is your first venture into The Boy’s storyline, you’re better off not seeing any of them in the first place.  This disappointing installment taints the originality of the first one.

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