Netflix’s Locke and Key

There’s been lots of hype lately about “Locke and Key,” one of Netflix’s newest thriller series. Especially given Netflix’s new Top 10 feature, it seems like lots of people are watching it.

At first, I understood the hype. The first episode is creepy, and introduces a seemingly-complex story that is sure to be exciting and thrilling. It opens with a man setting himself on fire with a key, and goes on to introduce the main family moving into a (haunted?) house, a woman living at the bottom of a well, and a murder in said family. I had high hopes after episode one. It was giving me Supernatural vibes, which few shows have been able to match.

However, after the first two episodes, I was greatly disappointed. It all of a sudden took a turn and became very Vampire Diaries-esqe. Lots of high school drama, charming magic, and a lot less jump scares. Given that it is indeed based on a Young Adult series of books, I should not have been surprised, but here we are.

It took me nearly a month to watch episodes 3 – 8. They were that bad. The final two episodes brought me back to why I began watching it in the first place. The creepy scenes and genuinely good plot writing were back. It leaves off wrapping everything up well enough, but leaves enough open that there very well could be a second season. The ending, while decent, did not make it worth it to have watched the whole entire season. . . at least to me.

If you are a fan of Young Adult fiction, Stranger Things and Vampire Diaries, high school drama, and cheesy magic, then this show may be for you! If you don’t like at least three of the aforementioned things, then you need to pass on this one.

One great thing that did come out of this show, however, is the soundtrack. Usually the songs in shows blend in well enough that they add to the story without really drawing your attention, but nearly every song that played I found surprisingly good. You can find it on Spotify.

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