Beneath Us

Wow. Not many movies leave me speechless. But wow. What a take on our society today.

If you’ve ever seen Blackkklansman, you know how powerful that ending is. It leaves the entire movie theater silent, processing what they’ve just seen and how it relates to modern society. The ending of this movie had the same effect on me. There was a lot of meaning packed into this little-hyped, 90-minute thriller.

Overall, it is very similar to Get Out, but rather than black vs. white, it is undocumented immigrants vs. natural-born Americans.

The movie opens with Memo, one of the main characters, crossing the border from Mexico and showing up at his brother’s house in California. His brother takes him under his wing, and they go out to find construction work together. They, along with two fellow workers, get picked up by a buxom auburn-haired woman who needs some work done on her house. Once they arrive at her property, it’s quick to take a sinister turn.

Forcing them to work all hours of the night, using racial slurs, holding them at gunpoint, she quickly strips them of all their dignity (figuratively and literally) and reminds them of their status: beneath her. The situation becomes deadly soon after.

The crew does their best to complete the job, but you’ll have to see the movie to see who all surives. I wouldn’t call it horror; it’s more of a haunting take on society today, with a couple jump scares thrown in (nothing too terrifying, though). It will leave you creeped out, disappointed in our country, and (hopefully) empowered to help undocumented peoples in your community.

This movie is a limited release; it was showing at my local AMC theater, so check Fandango to see if it’s available nearby you! It’s definitely worth seeing!

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