Streaming Guides: Movie Edition

Here’s the start of a new series: a compilation of various things for you to watch, based on your interests. This first edition is all about movies. Check the genres below to find some recommendations!

Crime Movies

Showtime! (2002) – HBONow – This movie stars Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro as cop partners starring in a reality TV show while simultaneously trying to catch a drug dealer. Part cop movie, part comedy, this is a great light-hearted stream.

Jackie Brown (1997) – STARZ – This is Tarantino’s third film, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, and Robert Forster. It follows a flight attendant – Jackie Brown – as she tries to pull one over on the drug dealer she works for on the side. Very exciting, with several classic Tarantino Easter eggs hidden throughout.

War Dogs (2016) – HBONow – Starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, this is a dark crime biography detailing the plights of two 20-somethings in the early 2000s. They work together to act as middlemen, selling weapons to the U. S. Government during the war in Iraq.

The Prince (2014) – Hulu – This movie features Bruce Willis and John Cusack in minor roles and stars Jason Patric. It is very Taken-esque, as Patric’s daughter ends up disappearing and he must retrace her steps to find her and save her.

Comedy Movies

The Money Pit (1986) – Netflix – This is a sweet, upbeat Tom Hanks film that I had never heard of before finding it on Netflix! He and his girlfriend buy a million dollar home for a steal, and they are quick to find out why– it is an absolute money pit. Hijinks and mayhem ensue.

Rat Race (2001) – Amazon Prime – This is an Amazing Race- style movie in which an ensemble cast race across the Western states to see who wins a grand prize of $2 million. Stars include Seth Green, Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, and Cuba Gooding Jr., along with many others.

Just Friends (2005) – Netflix – This is a movie about high school friends reuniting after growing up. Featuring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and Tara Reid, it’s raunchy and silly and sure to make you laugh as Reynolds tries to break through the friend zone.

Jawani Janeman (2020) – Amazon Prime – This is a great introduction to Indian movies.  An aging playboy is forced to grow up when a daughter he never knew he had shows up looking for help. Silly and heartwarming.

Horror Movies

Stephen King’s A Good Marriage (2014) – Amazon Prime – This starts off as a classic tale of a middle-aged married couple. But while the husband is away on business, the wife discovers a sinister secret about her other half. Fantastic concept with several twists. No jump scares, this is more of a thriller.

Doctor Sleep (2019) – Rent on YouTube or Prime – This long-awaited sequel to The Shining is well worth the wait! While The Shining is a slow burn to a fairly exciting ending, this movie is exciting throughout. Such a great storyline, and way better than the original it’s based on.

Antrum (2019) – Amazon Prime – I hesitated to put this on here, as the movie itself, for the most part, was pretty lackluster. If you enjoyed Midsommar, you may enjoy this. Regardless of if you watch it or not, definitely look into the hype surrounding it. A supposedly “cursed” film, it’s tagline is “the deadliest movie ever made.” The backstory of early premieres of this film are definitely creepy, but that’s about as interesting as it gets.

Paranormal Activity 6: The Ghost Dimension (2015) – Crackle – Out of all the Paranormal Activity movies, this one is the most entertaining, to me. They’re all pretty much the same, focusing on a different family each time yet the premise stays the same: home recordings of a demon or ghost terrorizing a young family. While some of the underlying plot lines that run through all the movies may not make sense to you if you start with this one, this is definitely the most entertaining edition, and the most realistic. The fourth installment is also worth watching.

Action Movies

Deep Impact (1998) – Netflix – What would this list be without a doomsday movie, given today’s times? Morgan Freeman is president, and a giant meteor is headed straight for earth. Scientists project it will destroy all life on the planet. You can definitely tell this is a 90’s movie, with all the technology and the outfits and cars, but it’s still a good story!

Daylight (1996) – HBONow – Throwing it way back here, featuring a young Sylvester Stallone. The tunnel connecting NY to NJ collapses, leaving some innocent bystanders trapped inside. Stallone, a fired EMT Chief, sneaks back in to save them. This will have you on the edge of your seat. It aged really well; you forget it was made 24 years ago.

Man on a Ledge (2018) – Amazon Prime – This movie is fairly recent, yet I had not seen it before. Maybe I just missed the memo Summer of ’18… This is a thrilling movie about an ex-cop, a jewel heist, and even features Elizabeth Banks in a serious role as a cop who talks down suicidal citizens. Really good movie with some twists!

Salt (2010) – Netflix – This could also fit into the crime category as well. Classic action-filled Angelina Jolie film that she loved to make in the late 2000s. She plays a CIA agent. Or is she a Russian spy? Does she have a treasonous twin? Watch to find out the answers!

Romantic Comedies

Prime (2005) – HBONow – Uma Thurman is a 37-year-old dating a much younger man. Turns out, that man is her therapist’s son. The best part? Her therapist is Meryl Streep, who is a wonderful therapist but an overprotecting, controlling mother. How long does the relationship stay secret? Do they end up together despite Streep? Watch to find out.

Mr. Right (2015) – Netflix – I hesitate putting this movie on here, as audiences have strong reactions to these certain actors. Sam Rockwell, America’s Sweetheart, takes justice into his own hands and “kills all the bad guys” he comes across. His dearly beloved? Anna Kendrick, who in my opinion is becoming the next Kristen Stewart. If your love for Rockwell overpowers your hate of Kendrick (as is the case with me), go for it! If Kendrick makes you cringe (like my fiancĂ©), then maybe skip this one. Great story, and lovely to see Rockwell in a leading role after being cast in supporting roles so much lately.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2020) – Hulu – This does have French subtitles, but if you’re looking for an LGBTQ romance, this is an incredible one. Based in France in the 1700s, watch as these two women go from strangers to so much more. Beautiful story, beautifully made.

Just Go With It (2011) – STARZ – Did you see “Murder Mystery” on Netflix last year and think, “Man, Sandler and Aniston have surprisingly good chemistry, I wish they’d make another one,” you’re in luck. This came way before “Murder Mystery,” but is just as good. Sandler is a playboy, Aniston is his assistant at work. Through some crazy happenings, they end up on vacation together in Hawaii, where more hijinks ensue. You’ll have to watch to see how their story unfolds!

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