Robert Downey Jr.’s first movie following his epic run as Ironman is none other than Dolittle, a classic children’s adventure film in which he can speak to animals. This movie has an all-star cast: John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Emma Thompson, Selena Gomez, Craig Robinson, and Octavia Spencer all provide voice-overs for the animals in thisContinue reading “Dolittle”

AppleTV’s Servant

Now that all the episodes have been released, I feel like I can adequately review Servant, Apple TV’s thriller tv show directed and produced by legendary M. Night Shyamalan. I had high hopes going into this– I am a huge Shyamalan fan, and after seeing the suspenseful previews for months I finally broke down andContinue reading “AppleTV’s Servant”

Messiah, now on Netflix

Messiah is a new 10-part series on Netflix with some serious Jack-Ryan-esque vibes. Rather than John Krasinski, however, viewers will find Michele Monaghan as the CIA operative protagonist. She works with several other government organizations to work to solve the mystery surrounding the titular character who first garners attention out in the Middle East.  AContinue reading “Messiah, now on Netflix”

Dark Waters

Dark Waters is a fascinating law thriller starring Mark Ruffalo, a corporate lawyer who takes on Dupont in this true story. Mark gives a great performance, seamlessly transitioning from a wallflower new law firm partner to a passionate attorney fighting for what he believes in. His character Rob Bilott (an Ohio attorney still practicing today)Continue reading “Dark Waters”

New Year, New You

Welcome to my blog! Given that it is a new decade, I am picking up a new hobby: blogging. I hope you find the information useful — or at least entertaining. Why do this? The past few years I have discovered several passions: Travel, Movies, Theater, etc. And I would love to share all thatContinue reading “New Year, New You”